Assist and counsel customers in the Automotive-Rental sector for their supporting ERP systems with the goal to optimize their business processes.

Our Services

Our team combines more than 25 years of experience in the automotive rental sector and the processes of automotive finance. Knowing what is relevant is the first step to set up requirements. We plan taking into account the budget, timing and robustness of the end product. Our framework for quality insurance, building and managing test cases, relies on our know-how both in the software and in the business. We share this knowledge between both the software supplier and the internal implementation team in order to translate the languages of both worlds.

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Our Values

Add Value

The services we deliver towards our customers clearly add value. Our expertise and knowhow is a benefit to get where our customer has set their goals. Also within our company we want to add value by continuously investing in the knowledge and skill of the team.

Pragmatic & Direct

We approach issues with a hands-on mentality. In software the devil might be in the details so solutions need to be formed in a pragmatic way which includes all variables. Within Imex and with our customer direct communication is key to success.


Customer issues need to be treated with focus and priority. We take our responsibility in the optimization of the time-to-market of solutions for our customer. All of this of course taking into account a good work-private time balance.

Open & Transparant

An open mind for all evolutions is one of our key values. In every situation there is a lesson to learn. This goes side by side with a transparent attitude. We are open to the context we are working in and the progress we make, this will help us in a good cooperation with our partners.

IMEX as your strategic and competence management partner.


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